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A Pilot Unit for Geostream Iberica

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The new Pilot Unit designed and built for Geostream Iberica will allow the company to offer the client the possibility to test our technologies and to select the most suitable for the specific need.

Thanks to continuous technical innovation based on its long-standing experience in the field of environmental sanitation, GeoStream presents the Pilot Unit, a mobile unit fully mounted on a towing trolley and characterized by high-performance equipment, at the forefront of the best accessible technologies in the market today.

Pilot tests are useful to validate one or more technologies in order to capture all the appropriate data depending on the size and design of the full scale system. There can be many detectable parameters for each technology and capturing them correctly is extremely important for a comprehensive interpretation of the test.

For this reason, GeoStream has designed and assembled a fully-automated trolley, easy to use and immediately accessible for any available equipment. Its instruments are easy to read, highly accurate and extremely precise.

The versatility of this technology makes it possible to perform a variety of tests, such as Multi Phase Extraction (MPE), Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE), Air Sparging (AS), Pump and Treat (P & T) and other specific tests.

The system described above is controlled only by a complete, easy-access control panel. Thanks to this panel, the user performing the tests will operate with a cutting-edge system, making it possible to manage, control and modify all the parameters required to ensure proper testing. Thanks to the combined use of a plug & go router for remote access, this PLC offers real-time monitoring of the system status, monitoring of process data and user control.
The following operations can be performed using the operation panel:
• Managing Data Logger.
• Analysing the alarm history.
• Viewing current plant operation using an animated screen.
• Storing parameters such as flow rate, pressure and temperature and monitoring up to 8 shafts.
• Flow rate regulation using INVERTER.

Additionally, to ensure safe operation even in situations with no power supply, a UPS has been installed.

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