Technical Assistance
and Plant Management

Geostream guarantees the management of the equipment manufactured and provides maximum support for the maintenance of existing systems for third parties, by providing a team of highly qualified technicians.

Geostream is able to undertake maintenance and repairs on all types of remediation and water treatment plant. Routine maintenance is all those activities frequently needed to maintain optimal operation such as the stripping and cleaning of the equipment, lubrication and resealing of major components and the stripping, cleaning and recalibration of sensors.

Geostream ensures the routine maintenance of all the plants (systems) is undertaken in accordance with OEM Suppliers recommendations, current regulations and safety laws. In the case of a plant breakdown, components will be stripped and either repaired, reconditioned or replaced and the plant restored to a fully operational condition.

The staff of the company have many years experience in the management of treatment plants and of different applications in both the public and private sector.

Gestione impianti 01 150x150 Technical Assistance <br/>and Plant Management Gestione impianti 02 150x150 Technical Assistance <br/>and Plant Management