Pilot Test Unit

Geostream has pilot units for hire (rent) to carry out field trials and test the operational effectiveness of the proposed technologies.


PilotTestUnit 2 150x150 Pilot Test Unit PilotTestUnit1 Pilot Test Unit
MPE (Multi-Phase Extraction System)

Claw vacuum pump (oil-free);
Hydrocyclone phase-separator;
Hydrocarbon separator (optional);
Water and gas filtration units.
Technical specifications:
Flow rate max: 200 m3/h (gas);
Vacuum max: -940mbar (60mbar abs.)
Control instruments:

Depression transmitter;
Gas flow rate transmitter;
Water flow meter;
Explosimeter (LEL);
Sample Ports…UPS – invio allarmi in mancanza di tensione
• Presa di servizio: 220V
• Connessione di alimentazione: 380V+N+T

Side channel blower;
Hydrocyclone phase separator;
Gas filtration units.
Technical specifications:
Flow rate max: 300 m3/h;
Depression max: -220mbar (780 mbar abs)

The data logger allows continuous data storage and remote data display of the following parameters:
extracted gas/discharged gas flow rate;
applied pressure/depression;
extracted water flow rate;
water table fluctuations;
By measuring the above parameters, useful information to design a full-scale plant can be collected.

Oil-free compressor;
Manifold with regulation valve;
Flow meter and pressure regulator.
Technical specifications:
Flow rate max: 80 m3/h;
Pressure max: 1,2 bar;
Gas – Water Treatment
Gas filters: volume: 200 lt
Water filters: volume 300 lt
Oil separator (optional).
Trailer Size:
Lenght: 4,280 m
Width: 1,950 m
Weight: 1590 kg
Height: 2,070m


The Mini Stripper has been developed specifically to allow pilot scale tests of verifying and maximising the efficiency of an air stripping system.

ministripper 150x150 Pilot Test Unit

The Mini Stripper provides a rapid and cost-effective means of obtaining more information on the contamination, required flow rates and sizing of the treatment plant. As the Mini Stripper allows for the stripping, and therefore separation of volatile organic pollutants from a given volume of water, it allows for a full assessment and characterisation of the resultant waste streams to determine the most effective treatment.

The system consists of three compartments separated by three weirs and a special honeycomb grille made up of 6mm diameter nozzles configured in such a way so as to distribute air evenly within the air stripper and maximizing the contact between air and water.