Rental Services

Risk, complexity and uncertainty are all elements that characterize the remediation of soil and groundwater. Because of this, the plant rental formula is becoming a more and more widespread solution offering significant financial and operating advantages, such as :

  • rental reflects the current trend towards outsourcing, which allows you to invest the resources in other business activities and have better control over cash flow;
  • the cost of routine maintenance and technical support are included throughout the rental period;
  • rental allows the conversion of fixed costs into variable costs;
  • rental allows reduction of the operating costs for the duration of a given project;
  • rental allows you to modify the systems during the rental period in relation to new project requirements.

Geostream has telemetry systems that allow, via your ordinary computer and modem, the main parameters associated with correct functioning of the plant to be displayed on your screen. The renting of remote control systems through GSM – UMTS line allows the real-time monitoring of the performance of the plant.

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