Air Sparging

Air Sparging (AS) is a remediation technology that allows the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in the dissolved phase in groundwater through the injection of air in the underground.

The injected air displaces the water and occupies the empty spaces (pores) in the soil, evaporating and physically removing volatile organic compounds whilst simultaneously introducing oxygen into the groundwater.

The result of this action is the physical removal by volatilization of the volatile compounds and stimulation of the activity of aerobic biodegradation of both of dissolved and adsorbed contamination.

AS 01 150x150 Air Sparging AS 02 150x150 Air Sparging

The injected air causes the upward migration of the contaminants towards the unsaturated zone where the system can be combined with a vapor extraction system (Soil Vapor Extraction – SVE) to allow the capture and removal of any vapors formed.

The characteristics of a medium-fine soil, mainly sandy and silty-sandy, are particularly suitable for application of AS-SVE and for the consequent creation of a controlled air flow into and out of the land being processed.

AS 03 rev 150x150 Air Sparging

Sparging with Ozone

The injection of ozone is an effective technology for removing volatile organic compounds in both the unsaturated and saturated zones.

Through a diffuser that maximizes the distribution of microbubbles with a size of 0.05 mm, this technology allows the oxidation of a wide range of volatile organic compounds e.g. MTBE, PCE, TCE and BTEX, Phenols and PAHs in the pores of the matrix.