(Multi-Phase Extracion)

The technique MPE (Multi Phase Extraction) uses the application of a certain degree of vacuum to the subsurface relating to the contaminated area.

This is usually accomplished by using a high vacuum pump. The application of the vacuum can cause the depression of the water table and increase the thickness of the unsaturated zone from which the contaminants can be extracted. The system can also be used for the removal of free phase product from wells.

The main part of the system consists of an inlet phase separator which separates the gas stream from the liquid extracted. Each stream is treated individually; the effluent treatment technologies are dependent on the type of contamination. The most common approach is the adsorption onto activated carbon but for gases with high concentrations of contaminants it is possible to use a catalytic oxidiser before releasing the treated gas stream to atmosphere.

Implementation of appropriate pilot testing can prove invaluable in determining design parameters for a full scale plant.

slurp1 150x150 BIO Slurping MPE <br/>(Multi Phase Extracion) slurp2 150x150 BIO Slurping MPE <br/>(Multi Phase Extracion) MPE 02 con correzioni2 BIO Slurping MPE <br/>(Multi Phase Extracion)