Cooling and drying of the gas flow (stream).

This process is based on cooling the effluent to very low temperatures, using liquid nitrogen or other cryogenic fluid as the refrigerant. This allows the separation of the pollutants by reducing the vapour pressure in relation to the equilibrium between liquid / vapor and solid / vapor.

By implementing a condensation system it is possible to reduce the moisture loading and to potentially recover contaminants present in the gas streams from strippers, MPE and SVE systems.

cond1 150x150 Condensation

The process is applied as a pre-treatment stage in the gas treatment phase to reduce excessive loading on the final treatment plant. In particular, the use of condensation as a pre-treatment for adsorption systems (activated carbon) increases the efficiency of the adsorbent matrix and reduces operational costs. Reduction of moisture in the gas flow and lowering of the gas temperature promotes maximum efficiency in the process of adsorption.

The application of condensation in the treatment of vapours is a particular specialism of Geostream.

cond2 150x150 Condensation