Geostream provides the most advanced technologies for sand filtration, filtration using self-cleaning filters, filtration cartridges, iron removal, water softening, metals removal using zeolite and pyrolusite and removal of organic substances using activated carbon. Filtration is generally used as a pre-treatment in primary and process water or as a final treatment for wastewater and is a key component for effective functioning of any system. filt1 150x150 Filtration filt21 150x150 Filtration The sizing, the method of operation, the choice of the construction materials and the type of filter media are important elements that our technical department are able to advise on in order so as to ensure the required results are achieved. Geostream has also developed a line of standard filters, available from stock; constructed from carbon steel, stainless steel, polyethylene and polypropylene. filt3 150x150 Filtration