Among the more effective in-situ treatment systems for the abatement of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), stripping systems can represent a financially and technically favourable solution. Commonly used within in the chemical industry, they are now becoming widely used in the field of remediation of groundwater contamination on sites characterised by volatile organic compounds.

Stripping Systems: Types

The technology of stripping basically involves the passing of pressurised air / oxygen through a given volume of contaminated water which “strips” the contaminants from the liquid to the gaseous phase. Stripping systems can essentially be divided into the following types:

  • Horizontal plate systems
  • Conventional tower systems
  • Closed loop stripping systems

The stripper system with horizontal plates contains a number of horizontal plates where air, generated by a blower, is introduced under pressure. The turbulence created by air pressure together with the vortices that are produced by the forced path, give rise to very broad cyclones which effectively remove the volatiles present in the liquid to be treated. The Geostream horizontal plate stripper can be divided into three categories according to the flow of the liquid to be decontaminated (5 m3 / h, 10 m3 / h, 15 m3 / h); the body of the stripper is made of stainless steel and the horizontal plates are sized according to the capacity. The external and internal structure is designed to maximize the available space and allows good access for any required cleaning of potential fouling and to allow maintenance work on any of the air distribution components. The systems can be assembled into standard containers and can be equipped with continuous monitoring of VOCs and gaseous effluent treatment using both active carbon and catalytic oxidisers. strip1 150x150 Stripping strip21 150x150 Stripping stripper 02 Stripping The stripping tower (Packed Tower Aeration, PTA) performs a cascade aeration process in which water to be treated flows through the packing media which increases the surface area for exchange between air and water. The application of tower and horizontal plate stripping systems produced by Geostream has allowed the meeting of different project requirements through the implementation of technologies best suited to the different types of contamination. Traditional stripping towers used in vacuum systems have been refined to help manage water flow with a low ratio water / air. strip31 150x150 Stripping strip41 150x150 Stripping The closed loop stripping system allows for maximum efficiency in the treatment of gaseous effluents to be achieved. Recirculation of the gas flow through the filter media allows for full saturation without the need of any emissions to the atmosphere.