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Continuous LNAPL Measurement

foto3 Continuous LNAPL Measurement

Geostream has designed, manufactured and tested a LNAPL-measuring device to provide a continuous measurement of three parameters which are key in monitoring and managing LNAPL in piezometric wells:
• water depth;
• LNAPL depth;
• LNAPL layer thickness.

The instrument consists of a level transmitter with measuring pipe and protection screen. It provides data that can be displayed and stored by a PLC in real-time.

The main advantages of the instrument are that it allows the optimization of the efficiency of LNAPL extraction systems (eg. skimmers, pumps, lances) and the reduction of the amount of time taken by field technicians to monitor and adjust the systems.

The data provided by the instrument can be used for a wide range of applications:
• real-time data acquisition allowing remote monitoring;
• remote delivery of daily data logs in Excel table format;
• automatic monitoring and control of the depth of a skimmer through a motorized winch;
• automatic monitoring and control of the depth of a lance in an MPE system;
• automatic control of the flowrate of a submersible pump, for example to maintain a constant LNAPL-water interface depth, or to ensure that the pump does not extract LNAPL.

The instrument can be easily installed and removed, allowing a quick access to other equipment that may be present in the well.

It can be provided in an ATEX Zone 1 icon1 Continuous LNAPL Measurement certified version for applications within potentially explosive or flammable atmospheres.

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