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Groundwater Treatment Plant – Saudi Arabia

foto2bis newsletter3 Groundwater Treatment Plant   Saudi Arabia
Geostream has been assigned a project to deliver a large Groundwater Treatment Plant for an Oil Refinery in Saudi Arabia. The design has been a challenge given the great amount of air supply needed, special electrical requirements and the necessary adaptations for a desert environment.

The system includes three 90 kW, 15 m3/min, rotary screw compressors, and a 10 m3 air receiver tank, to supply air to almost 100 submersible pneumatic pumps, recovering LNAPL and water. The number of pumps is expected to treble in the near future.

The treatment consists of two 20 m3/h, stainless steel, custom-designed oil-water separators and two 10 m3 oil storage tanks. The separators have tailor-made features to meet client requirements, including rotating oil skimmers, backwash of the coalescence pack through recycling of treated water, and a crane to lift the coalescence pack out of the separator, for cleaning and servicing purposes. The two treatment areas are equipped with ATEX-rated instruments, including electromagnetic flow transmitters for water and Coriolis-type flow transmitters for oil.

foto2 web newsletter3 Groundwater Treatment Plant   Saudi Arabia
The control system comprises a 4 x 2 m main panel, capable of managing 340 kW of nominal power and working with a 480 V, 60 Hz, and no neutral supply. It includes a current analyzer, transformers to provide 220 V current, and a PLC with CPU and 7” touch-screen, with software entirely designed by Geostream according to client requirements. The main panel is linked via fiber optic to a local network of auxiliary panels for control of remote areas, including two ATEX-rated boards.

All the system had to be designed for a desert site, providing against factors such as very hot temperatures, presence of sand, and occasional strong wind. Features include air conditioning, sandwich panels insulation, and custom-designed filters, chimneys and ventilation grids to avoid entrance of sand and dust.

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